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A picture of me as a child

(Happy Guy)

Yes, it's true...
The happy little guy you see pictured above is still a happy guy, though not quite so little. I think my face is cleaner now as well.  I'm guessing that the above was taken somewhere around 1970, and I can recall the camera and the moment, for some reason.  I recall that the Beatles were on the radio.  It was Summer in Uxbridge, and the afterglow of the Summer of Love was still tangible in the air.

Somehow, I got from there to here, which is Venice, California.  I'm making digital effects now, and like the song says, "Mama, mama many worlds I've come since I first left home.".

In trying to ascertain the cause of the block I was feeling in finally getting around to developing this site a bit, it dawned on me that I had no notion of what I wanted a web site for.  I am not commercial in nature, and don't think I have anything to sell over the web just now.  I may put my resume up here somewhere, but I don't generally seek work, nor contacts through the web.  I am not a disseminator of dogma, nor of formal teachings, though I do tell storys.

This is not really a site for an audience, though my ego seems to assume that one exists.  This site will form a basis from which to conduct personal explorations into the realms of digital human culture.  I'll build a set of images and nodes to illustrate and indicate the directions my interests take me.  My organization may seem skewed, because of course it is.  Relationships I present may be tangential and obscure.  Sometimes I think that way.

Saying that a site is under construction should be redundant, shouldn't it?

Send me email if you'd care to.